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Speed Pitch Trainer

How to use Speed Trainer and Pitch Trainer

gain speed with by starting slowly and moving towards greater speeds

Speed trainer changes tempo gradually

Imagine a scenario where you would like to focus on improving your speed and accuracy.Would it not be great if you could start slowly and than gradually increase the speed (tempo) until a desired speed is reached?
That is exactly the purpose of Speed Trainer. You set ‘start speed’ than loop is repeated at that speed a set number of times (‘count’) and than speed is increased by a set amount (‘step’) until ‘end speed’ is rich ed.Than depending on ‘at end’ parameter mode 3 different things can happen:
-Continue playing at ‘end speed’
-Start changing the speed in opposite direction until ‘start speed’ is reached than go forth again and so on.
-Restart the process from ‘start speed’ again.

This function is enabled when ‘Active’ button is set.
At any time (while active) you can click ‘reset’ button to start the process from the beginning. Or use keyboard shortcut ‘R’.

There is not ‘precount’ function which would give you some time to prepare yourself before is starts but that is OK because you can do the same thing by setting timeline couple of seconds before the actual loop (because current speed and step counter are updated every time the end of the loop is reached).

The same logic applies to Pitch trainer only instead of speed here the pitch is variable. And of course goal here is to get better at playing in different keys (or positions on your instrument) instead of gaining more speed.

move from one key to another and develop sense of fretboard

practice in different keys by changing keys continually



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