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Shortcuts and functions

Phrase Trainer 2 keyboard shortcuts

    Show hints window     F1
    Show keyboad shortcuts     F3
    Play/Pause     Space
    Go to the beginning (restart)     X
    Jump forward (3sec)     Right arrow
    Jump backward(3sec)     Left arrow
    Jump to next marker     Tab
    Jump to previous marker     Backspace
    Loop region at current position     Enter
    Zoom out full     Esc
    Rebuild waveform     F5
    Invert selection color     I
    Simple waveform     S
    Hide markers (while key is down)     Q
    Show waveform overview (zoom area)     Z
    Insert marker at current position     M
    Rename selected marker     F2
    Delete selected marker     Del
    Select all markers     Ctrl A
    Deselect all markers     Ctrl D
    Invert selection     Ctrl I
    Undo marker change     Ctrl Z


    Redo marker change     Ctrl Y
    Store markers     Ctrl S
    Enable/Disable Speed (tempo) processing      T
    Enable/Disable Pitch processing      P
    Increase pitch      Page Up
    Decrease pitch      Page down
    Increase speed      Home
    Decrease speed      End
    Restart Speed/Pitch trainer      R
    Enable/Disable Looping      L
    Move Loop forward      + or F
    Move Loop backward      – or B
    Double Loop length      D
    Halve Loop length      H
     File list:     
    Next song      Down arrow
    Previous song      Up arrow
    Remove from Recent list      Del
    Select all files      Ctrl A
    Deselect all files      Ctrl D
    Invert selection      Ctrl I
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