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Guitar Notes

Learn Guitar Notes and fretboardsoftware to learn guitar notes and fretboard

Master the fretboard using fun drills

master guitar fretboard and learn note positions and names

Learn guitar fretboard

Not only for classical guitar students,but for all aspiring guitarists who wish to improve understanding of guitar fretboard or to keep their sight reading skills sharp.

This interactive program features set of fun drills which will develop and improve your ability to recognize notes by name,position or musical representation


  • Learn names of all notes on the fretboard
  • Learn musical notation
  • Improve your knowledge about fretboard
  • Customize drills to target your sticking points (set particular positions or strings to practice)
  • It is fun-you can use it in time mode (try to win best result in limited time) ¬†or try to achieve 100% success rate with limited number of questions
  • Much more…

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