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Scales tab

Finding scales on guitar fretboard

In Key bar choose key (tonality,root) and from vertical menu bar on the left choose scale you want to be displayed.

For formula explanations see Chord page

learn basic and exotic scales and their modes

working knowledge of even basic scales is a must for any serious musician especially guitar players


On the right there is a list of equivalent scales. Two scales are equivalent if both of them contain exactly the same notes.


modal playing is more and more popular among guitar soloists

basic major scale becomes powerful thing when you learn its modal variations

The list above simply reveals that instead C Chinese you can use much more common F Major pentatonic or D minor pentatonic.
Tip: Click on a string to hide/reveal its notes
If you are interested in fingerstyle playing then skipping some strings can really open your eyes to some patterns on guitar fretboard. Look for example Image below. This is an E Major scale but showing only 1st and 2nd string and bass (low E) string. Try improvising using just notes you see here and almost everything you play will sound good!
modal scales are the same as major scale but played in a different context

once you know simple major scale you can easily magnify its power 8 folds knowing about modal theory (which basically means playing the same major scale in different musical contexts producing exotic sounds while playing familiar patterns)


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