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Chords + tab

Finding guitar chords

The only difference between Chords and Chords+ page is in the way how chords are generated. Chord page contains chord shapes which are manually entered in the database. Chords+ page contains chords shapes generated by a computer algorithm. For that reason Chords+ page contains much more variations for every chord type. Also,for the same reason Chords+ page contains many chord shapes which are unusual  in both-its shape and its sound.
Algorithm used for generating chords is intelligent in sense that chords which cannot be played by real man are not included. All chords can be played with 4 fingers but some of them are harder to master.
For example here are two variations on Cmaj7 chord,one common shape from Chords page,and another, a little unusual shape from Chords+ page.
standard chords sound exotic if played in unusual way

find new ways of playing familiar chords and have more interesting sounds in your tools as a guitar player


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