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Arpeggios tab

Finding arpeggios on guitar fretboard

In music, an arpeggio is a chord where the notes are played in succession rather than simultaneously. The word comes from the Italian for “in the manner of the harp.”
For formula explanations see Chord page
On the right you can alter arpeggio by adding or removing notes to it (clicking on buttons whit scale degrees on it),or alter a note making it sharp or flat (clicking ‘#’ or ‘b’ sign in front of degree)
see arpeggio shapes and memorize them

recognizing arpeggio patterns is one of the most powerful tools any player can have

To see all positions of a particular note in the fretboard clear all degrees except 1st and change key in the key bar to note you wish to see.Not very useful for experienced players but if you are beginner and in the process of memorizing fretboard then it can help to learn notes on fretboard
memorize root positions along the fretboard

memorizing where root notes are improves your knowledge of fretboard


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