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3 in a row

Different chords and scales side by side

Basically this page allows you to show side by side up to 3 fretboards filled with anything you want.
Click an slot to copy current fretboard to that slot.
Than you can see larger image of that or save image.
So what?
Well, if you are jazz oriented guitarist you will quickly found this very useful. Because jazz guitarists tend to switch to another scale whenever a chord in harmony is changed, it would be of great help for practicing improvisation if you could see at once 2 or 3 different scales or arpeggios. So if a song harmony is Am7,D7,Gmaj7 you can load, side by side, A minor pentatonic, D blues and G Ionian, for example, and as harmony changes you can look at different images without need to switch between different pages of application or changing key.
A popular example:
Even If you are not a jazz guitarist you may also wish to make your playing more interesting.Try to improvise over a  basic blues progression A7-D7-A7-E7 looking at image bellow, trying to use A blues scale over A7, D minor pentatonic over D7 and E7 arpeggio over E7
three fretboards side by side showing related scales and arpeggios

one of the most valuable tools- see 3 fretboards at once and recognize connections between different scales and arpeggios

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