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Chords & Scales


Become a Master of Scales, Modes, Chords and Arpeggios with this interactive software!

Chords and Scales  for Guitar and Bass

explore guitar and bass fretboard and learn new chords scales and arpeggios

Chords & Scales, smart way to master the fretboard

The Chords & Scales is a windows software tool designed for musicians and guitar and bass players who want to quickly gain knowledge about the guitar or bass fretboard.
Become a Master of Scales, Modes, Chords and Arpeggios with this fully interactive
Chords & Scales software!

Using any of its many features will open your eyes to guitar/bass fretboard and ears to music!
This tool is made by musician for musicians!


“The software I wanted to buy was the chords and scales and it is an excellent program. Well-designed and easy to use. Thanks.”

– Tom,plays in a band


  • 63 guitar chords types and guitar arpeggios
  • 83 scale types (common and exotic)+Modal variations of each scale
  • 57 different tunings including tunings for various bass types as well as for 7 string guitar
  • Instantly see equivalent scales (containing same notes) as selected scale (so you can improvise in well known C major instead, to say, B Locrian)
  • See at a¬† glance all chords that can be derived from any scale (invaluable for improvisation ideas)
  • Hear any chord/arpeggio or scale played with instrument of your choice. Even better – hear any scale over any chord (understanding the meaning of different scale modes will be easy-finally)
  • Skip strings (you will immediately see patterns on fretboard which are not so obvious)
  • Find chords or scales by drawing dots on fretboard

“Chords & Scales realy improved my guitar knowledge,I enjoy program! “

– Miguel,Spain

Try before buy

Let us give you the opportunity to try out Chords & Scales software before buying a copy. The trial period will run for 14 days. After trial time has ended, functionality of our product will be minimized.

Download trial version (windows) file size ~3MB

backing tracks on youtube:

simple jazz guitar backing track
Take five (Take 5) jazz guitar backing track


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