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After years of making music I decided to offer my music for licensing as royalty free music, so today I started my own “royalty free music library” site 🙂 (Royalty free music for licensing)



Phrase Trainer updated to 2.1 version. Better quality time stretch/pitch shift algorithm.



Fixed some issues that were occurring on some Windows 8 and  Windows 10 configurations.



Had to disable comments on pages due to the large amount of spam…Sorry for that. But you can still contact me via support page contact form.


Added comment section  to main product pages so you can ask questions or leave comments and suggestions. For more concrete questions its still preferred if you should contact us via contact form on support page.


Launched new site using Wordress CMS. It is not that I didn’t like Concrete 5 -its great-  but I wanted to try something new. Old site can still be found here.



Fixed a bug when trying to export a sloweddown audio file. The length of exported file was wrong.It has now been fixed.


There was a bug in ordering process for some of the products showing that you coud not order less than 3 copies of the software… Which was ridicilous of course. It has been fixed now. Sorry for that.


An updated version of Chord pad. Now it has an aditional ‘Songs’ tab which allows for easy browsing of songs. It is a feature that was asked for by many of you and it does make it easier to use Chord Pad.


Some minor bugs fixed in Phrase Trainer 2 . It can now save audio files which are already open instead of asking to choose a different name.


New item added to my audiojungle portfolio:
Trains are Forever

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