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  1. Just bought your Saturn Radio software,thanks for really nice and fun product,enjoying 10000’s of world wide stations:)

  2. Hello,

    I was evaluating for purchase the Phase Trainer 2 SW. It’s really a good piece of sw in my opinion. What left perplexed is the price information because it should be indicated that it does not count for any “Sales tax”. I was redirected to a page that in some way knows that I’m buying from Italy and as such applied the italian IVA tax. In Italy where I reside this tax (called IVA) is 22% of the price (the sw costs to me €24,40 instead of the €20 show in the price list). It is the first time I see this. I’ve bought other sw on the Internet and the price shown is always the actual sale price. Very strange. Are you aware of this?

    Best regards.

    1. Hi,thanks for your interest and nice words:-)

      That is something that payment processor adds on its own for orders from
      EU. I can’t do anything about it,what I always get is 18Euros that is
      20Euro-10% processing fee.
      I don’t like it either because it probably scares away a lot of buyers.
      Have a good day:-)

  3. Hi,
    I wanted to buy the very nice ChordPad but I saw it was not updated since 2011 ! ! !
    Abandoned? ? ? πŸ™

    1. Thanks for your inteerst:)
      No, it is not abandoned I can assure you. If it had not been updated since 2011 it wouldn’t work under Windows 8 and 10.

  4. Hi,
    I have just purchased Groove Box after playing with the trial version for just a little while.
    This is great software. More than just something to practice with although it is great for that.
    Friends and I do some recording via the Internet and pass files back and forth to build a finished product. One of the first things to go down is a click (metronome) track and a software generated drum track until we get a real drummer to replace this.
    Groove Box is just the thing when your budget or needs don’t stretch to something like Addictive Drums. Pick a groove and save it and drop it straight into our DAW of choice (Reaper) and its done in a few clicks. Once in Reaper it can be stretched and tempo changed as you need. I was so excited when I got to play with Groove Box that I made a little video and sent the link to the other guys in our group.
    That YouTube link is:


  5. Hi, you had a deal on bitsdujour not too long ago, but I missed out on it!!

    Could you re-activate that deal? There are at least 10 people that “want the deal” so it could be worth your while.

    The software looks pretty fun (I’m not a drummer), but tried out the demo and felt it was well worth the deal you had.



    1. Hi, thanks for your interest πŸ™‚
      As luck would have it another promotion is in order on 29th April.


  6. Phrase Trainer 2
    good software πŸ˜‰

    1. Well, thanks! πŸ™‚

  7. Best site ever πŸ™‚

    1. well thanks πŸ™‚

  8. Thank you for the great software!! Started with the GrooveBox many, many years ago and just purchased ChordPad. You develop smart, no frills, easy to use programs that people can jump right in and start using without wasting time learning the software instead of making music!!

    1. well, thanks for that!
      I thought your family name was familiar to me when I saw it on order notification πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Aleksandar,

    I purchased ChordPad some time ago and I find it a great software!! Could you think of adding chord inversions, instead of just octave up and down? I think, this would sound better with some chord progressions. And I would like to use own GM soundfonts πŸ™‚

    Thanks very much!

    1. Hi, thanks for nice words. I have been thinking of some improvements,and sound font support shouldn’t be a problem,thanks for your suggestions πŸ™‚

    2. Great idea!

  10. Contact me and via contact form and we can try to come up with something.

  11. I was wondering if you have any discount for students.

  12. It’s one of those ‘can’t believe nobody has done this before’-type apps – always a good sign. Nicely designed and lots of fun …

  13. Hi, Love the Chord Pad on my PC…wish it were available on Kindle Fire or other tablets.

  14. Groove Box is my rehearsal and songwriting working horse.
    The interface is very usable and with one touch you could background
    the ideas which otherwise could dissappear forever trying to find the
    rhythm in another drum mashine.

  15. thanks for amazing program, but i am waiting for new update the chordpad 2 that with added more more styles… please UPDATE

    not kidding my livelihood depends on your software (I’m the guitar teacher). Well let’s say that
    YOUR software is the BEST bar none of everything I have tried. I recommend
    it to everyone who is interested in it. If there is anything that I can do
    – recommend your product on your site whatever just let me know.

  17. Hi Alexander,

    thank you for your answer. Not a problem, still a very good tool to make backing tracks and i like the styles.
    By the way, is it possible to combine two styles in one song, say half time funk on the verse and swing on the bridge for an Autumn Leaves version like Michael Brecker in Monte Carlo? From the layout of the screen i suspect probably not ?

  18. Hi Juergen thanks for your interest:)
    It works with predefined patterns, you can’t load any midi file and use all the tools on it. But it has midi player where you can load any midi file and change tempo,transpose, change instrumentation etc…

  19. Hi,
    trying out Chord Pad, very impressed. Ideal for my practice with the sax. Is there a way to load a MIDI file into chord pad?

  20. Hi Alexander,
    NO really the upgrades on the Phrase Trainer are awesome
    I am a bass player and the freq. filler u added well this is perfect for a
    bass player
    So many good upgrades i bought my first Phrase Trainer in 2008 i believe
    i love this unit the Phrase Trainer rules honesty
    I have tried them all and This version of Phrase Trainer is the best
    Looks pretty smart also

  21. Thanks Dennis, for your purchase and nice words as well πŸ™‚

  22. Hi Alexander,
    I pretty well have all your products Phrase Trainer, Groove Box, Cord Pad Desktop Metronome The New Phrase Trainer 2 it great the new upgrades you have added are great very good improvement The New Phrase Trainer2 is the whole package wonderful keep it going love your products

  23. Many thanks for your prompt reply. The reinstall seems to have things
    working nicely again.

    Also many thanks for the Chords and Scales link. I wasn’t even aware
    that the trial had run out.

    How good is your service. You know I have a problem even before I do!

    Also phrase trainer is probably my most used app, and been a real game-changer for me.

  24. Thanks Man! Thats the easiest, most painless recovery of software I’ve ever
    experienced, Woohoo!!!

  25. Yes, I just sent you an email.

    Please all use ‘support’ contact form (from the main page) when requesting tech. support. Thanks πŸ™‚

  26. Downloaded the trial version of chord pad for windows last night and have no audio. Running XP, two different computers yield the same results. Any insight?

  27. Can you create or make this software as VST plugin for DAWs like Cubase?

    This would be heaven for all musicians!!!


  28. Can I install Chord Pad on my other computer?

  29. Thanks Carlo:)
    just to avoid confusing people,it is not plugin it is stand alone application

  30. Finally what I always been looking for-Chord Pad,thank you,
    keep up great work:)

  31. Hi there

    Just like to say that chord pad is a really good piece of software. It is well thought out and really useful for developing ideas. The price is also very fair compared to some other music software. Well done and keep up the great work!

  32. Thanks Dennis,
    Nice to have such customers πŸ™‚

  33. Hi Aleksandar
    The Cord Pad is a great and very useful program.
    i play Bass and find it to be very good for practice
    i f you like Jazz Standards just enter the cords and play along
    Thanks you for such a great product

  34. Thanks for a wonderful product (phrase trainer)

  35. Please, leave just your comments (good or bad,no matter) for questions use the contact form and my email address.
    Thank you

  36. Hi great product and was about to buy but I need one tiny feature that I couldn’t find.

    I really really needed it to only show only the note on the staff without actually displaying the note name etc. As I know my fretboard well but can’t read sheet music so seeing notes and translating them to their names and octaves is a challenge that I was hoping to train on.

    Another item on my wish list farther down would be to work with the key so that I’d have to know the key and sharpen or flatten the written notes etc.

  37. BTW, SPT is the best software I have ever used. Basically, I use it every day. It has improved my bass playing termendously and I recommend it all the time. Thank you!

  38. your software(midi converter)is really superior to others by far and well worth the money!

  39. It’s Very Nice To Using These Product . I Am Love These Software .
    It’s Very Useful To Me & Everyone . So I’m Gonna Use It All Time .

  40. hi
    the “groovebox” is a great and Advantage software for all musicians

    feel the beats and play quantize with this product…

    thank u everybody!

  41. I recently purchased your product β€œGroove Box”. I am really happy with it, and I want to make you guys a big compliment. Awesome job, really.

  42. Buenisimo programa chords & Scales, pero…quizas si tuviese alguna ventana mas donde poder salvar los aacordes escogidos seria fanatastico !!!!

  43. Hi,Gerry,I replied few times your email but always got emails bounced back by your SPAM filter.
    Here is the copy of what I sent:

    Hi,thanks for your interest:)

    There will be some updates but I can’t guarantee when.I’ll insert few
    additional tunings that I’ve found in meanwhile.
    As for the metronome in phrase trainer,I don’t believe so (I’m using
    Phrase Trainer,and personally don’t find very useful having built-in metronome in it (you already play
    along an song,and there are usually drums and all).

    I think you can transpose tracks in Acid as well as changing their
    tempo.Just look at controls on the left more carefully or consult its

  44. Very interrested with chords and scales, very cool product, but I want to know if a custom tuning will be possible to use in a future version version before to buy it.

    thanks very much

  45. I purchased Phrase Trainer because I liked the way it looked. I really enjoy the product too. It does exactly what I want.

  46. I use Phrase Trainer mainly to speed up bands who play
    a semitone flat! Saves me constantly tuning up and down! The phrase
    slowing has come in very handy too though! It’s a brilliant piece of

  47. I am a bassplayer. Great program to work out your ideas. (Groove Box)

  48. Cool, thanks. You guys have a killer product!
    (phrase trainer)

  49. The Phrase Trainer is an excellent tool for learning songs in alternate tunings. I am very impressed with the user interface and features that are offered in the Phrase Trainer. As a bass player it can be difficult to decipher the quick fills or buried bass lines being played. With the Phrase Trainer, it is no problem to slow down the track and isolate the part with the innovative loop option. Playing in different tunings is no problem. This is THE BEST tool on the market for learning songs, period! After the trial period is over this is a definate program to purchase. Best Regards, Matt M.

  50. Phrase Trainer is exactly what I was looking for-simple and effective

  51. Thanks a lot for your fast help. This really seems to solve my problem becasue I was still busy converting.
    Your software is really superior to others by far and well worth the money!
    You can quote me on this if you like, in a testimonial on your site.

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