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Eugene Trick Bag - Crossroads

This is the classical Guitar version played by Ralph Macchio at the beginning of the movie.
Every guitarist in the world remembered the movie because of Steve Vai appearance and playing in it.But much less known is who played arpeggios on the classical guitar. It took me a lot of time until I finally found it (incidentally I think).
It was classical guitarist William Kanengiser

Ralph Maccio (guitar kid ) received intensive training from William Kanengiser to approximate playing realistically enough to hide the fact that he is not playing actually.
(source wikipedia)

I played it normally,than slowly for those who wants to analyze it than fast again
Harsh sound is due the youtube re-compression of uploaded videos

Romanza,Spanish serenade

Classical guitar favorite played with diferent right hand fingering,designed specificly to enable playing this song at really fast tempos (though I stayed here at pretty standar tempo for this tune)

Right hand goes like:
mip,mip,mip...(never sounding 6th and 1st string together,and playing G string with thumb all the time)
instead of standard
(pa)mi, ami, ami...

Allegretto- Ferdinando Carulli

This piece is real fun to play and yet it's much easier than it looks like.If you want to amaze your friends learn this one.
Also this little piece provides many diferent techniques to practice:
block chords,arpeggios,tremolo,staccato notes,

I recorded it twice without finger nails and with nails

Guitar Twins Play Bach Badinerie

3 versions of Bach badinerie:
1.Clean sound recorded with stratocaster
2.The same arrangement playing on Ibanez RG
3.Full rock cover (drums and bass...)

Classical gas by Mason Williams

It's said for this song that it is one of the most well known instrumental melodies of all time.
But it took me 37 years to hear it for the first time.Anyway the same moment I first time hear it I wanted to play it,and here it is

simple jazz guitar backing track

100 BPM IIm7 V7 Imaj7 VIm7

Here is a simple backing track with one of the most common chord progressions.(see picture)
Try using C major scale but targeting the chord tones as harmony changes.
Also try using only chord notes (arpeggios) over chords.
Why is this track so simple?

Because if you want to progress in your skills you must practice with easy and understandable music.

Play with this track for at least few weeks few times a day.
You'll notice that every time you do it better,with more understanding,more ideas flowing to your mind and fingers.
After enough repetitions improvising becomes your second nature-it becomes effortless and fluent.

Key to success in improvisation is a lot of repetitions and playing along easy and interesting jam tracks.

Trying to play with real jazz tracks will only make you confused and you will not improve at all (because you'll not understand anything and you'll be lost in hard to understand music).

Once you can improvise over this jam track you'll find it much easier to play along with other,more demanding tracks or real tunes.

Lady Gaga Poker Face Rock cover

The other day I found voice track from the Lady Gaga's song,so i couldn't help making my own version...
And because intro has always reminded me of Van Halen's 'aint talking about love' it wasn't hard decision how should my version sound...here it is...

Over the rainbow-acoustic

Over the rainbow

Godfather theme on classical guitar

"Speak slowly love" - Famous theme from godfather movie,written by Nino Rota

Take five (Take 5) jazz guitar backing track

Backing track featuring famous "Take 5" song by Paul Desmond

Canarios - gaspar Sanz

Bouree e minor - Bach

Homework for any classical guitar player (and neoclassical shredders of course)
Keep in mind to always start this piece a little slower than you think you should,because last few bars are really hard to play fast


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