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Memorize faster by Practicing Recalling instead of Repeating

This is the most important idea behind of any type of text memorization. Just reading something you want to memorize fires different connections in your brain than the act of recalling. This is how you learn and memorize faster–by practicing recalling, not repeating. What this means is that simply reading a particular piece of text again and again is not going to be the shortest path to memorization. What you need is let your brain practice recalling the text and in doing so strengthen the same pathways that will fire when you need to remember the text later on. You can’t practice recalling until the information is at least partially contained in your long term memory. That means that you should read the text couple of times to get acquainted with it and then you can start using different tools that quickMemorizer provides. Not only it is fun but it also makes the process of committing the text into your long term memory much faster and deeper.

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Use it to:

  • Memorize: poems, scripts, monologues, speeches...

  • Memorize: song lyrics, jokes and one liners... 

  • Study for exams
  • Practice foreign languages
  • Have fun 
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