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software metronomePhrase Trainer 2
 Phrase Trainer 2 has been cleverly designed to make every aspect of practice even faster and more fluid....read more
backing tracks software,chord sequencerChord Pad
 Create chord progressions in seconds! Chord Pad-your private band
...read more
software metronomeDesktop Metronome
If you're serious about using a metronome as a practicing tool,then this is the right thing for you!...read more
rhythm machine software,groove boxGroove Box
guitar and bass players can instantly jam along to high-quality drum accompaniments...
read more
guitar scales and chords software Chords & Scales
a windows software tool designed for musicians and
guitarists who want to quickly gain knowledge about the guitar ....read more
learn guitar notes Guitar Notes
Learn notes on the guitar fretboard with this interactive tool ....read more
internet radio player software Saturn Radio
 A hassle-free Internet Radio Player ....read more



midi converter,midi to audioCOMET! Midi to Audio Converter
Easy convert midi files to various audio formats without recording...read more
COMET! Audio Converter
Easy convert audio files to various  formats...read more

Chord Pad - backing tracks software - chord sequencer

Desktop metronome - software metronome 

Pharse Trainer - slow down music without changing pitch 

Groove box - software drum machine

Saturn Radio -Internet radio player

Midi to audio converter 

Guitar chord and scales software 

Text aligner create parallel texts


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