Segovia makes mistakes too

I found a mistake in Segovia’s interpretation-it’s pretty big mistake (unwonted note-probably open B string)

See at 1:06 in this video:

My point is-classical guitar is really most dificult instrument to play.I can’t remember even one performance that went without 2-3 errors in playing (performance-I mean recital,4-5 pieces at least).And I have seen many recitals.
On the other side I can’t remember seeing a classical pianist (even violinist) ,making such a obvious mistake

But what you can learn from this video is the following:

If you look in his face you’ll notice that he is completely calm and relaxed,as if it is most natural thing to make errors while performing.So the way he handles unwanted notes/mistakes/errors is what makes him an maestro (among other things)

Few months ago I was at an Classical Guitar festival and there was about 20 great players in 5 days I saw.

They all were great but among them one French guy was really perfect.Anyway he also made few glitches  here and there,but his reaction was awful and hence impression he made was completely ruined,I felt sorry for him though hes performance was by far the best .He made just a small unwanted sound few times,and every single time it was accompanied with his face turning into painful grimace  like one stubbed knife in his back.

Conclusion is,train yourself to not overreact (or best -not react at all) to mistakes you made.Anyway,most people will never notice little imperfections in your playing ,but making ugly or painful face when mistake occurs will just highlight it.

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