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You play…We’ll count ! Desktop Metronome

software metronome
software metronome

If you’re serious about using a software metronome as a exercising instrument,then this is the right thing for you!The Desktop Metronome is a little metronome software that holds all functionality for correct tempo output and display.The Desktop Metronome is suitable for a wide variety of musical styles, from classic to rock and jazz.
Easily select from 0 to 7 beats, double and halve tempo, duplets,triplets,
quadruplets etc… If you’re unsure of the numeric tempo of a song, simply press TAP button in time with the beat you hear, and the TAP function will set the tempo accordingly.
There’s a Auto mode which is great for speed developing, reference-tone function for tuning up and other handy tools to make exercising fun and effective.
A big, highly visible LCD-like panel,that can be seen from anywhere in the room,indicates the time signature according to the specified tempo, accurately marking out the beat.
This tool is built by musician for musicians!

Tempo Range: 40-320 bpm
Precision: +/-0.05 %
Tuning Reference Tone: A 440Hz
Tick Sounds: 5 sets,including drum set
Tap function for setting the tempo
Quick double/halve tempo
Auto way,ideal for velocity training
Adjustable loudness
Highly visual LCD-like panel
Beat meters: 1/4 ,2/4…7/4
Tuplets (subdivisions) : 1,2,3…10
Convenient Keyboard Shortcuts for all beat related functions including TAP function

Try before buy

Let us give you the opportunity to try out Desktop Metronome computer software before purchasing a copy. The trial run period will run for 14 days. After trial time has ended functionality of our product will be reduced.

Download metronome trial version (windows) file size <1MB

Download metronome trial version (windows) file size <1MB

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