Bloging? Why not…

OK…It was about time to take some action towards getting better Goggle page ranks (meaning better place in search results-meaning more close to the top of the first page meaning…)
And consequently that should result in more page visits,downloads and as a paramount more sales.(because I sell my software products, you know)
Now,It’s not that it’s my only reason for starting bloging,but it is main reason.On the other hand ,for me it wouldn’t be enough so I had to figure out few more reasons and here they are listed:
(Just word of caution-it’s not that I don’t have to say anything but its really not something that would be of interest for general public…)

  1. Having troubles for years now with my poor rank in Google results (and I say Google not because I intend to neglect other engines,but because in other ones ,like Bing or Yahoo I’m pretty well placed)
    I finally decided to do something and as they say “content is king” on the Internet. I’ll try it and we’ll see..
  2. Second reason even more important ,might be, is my English.As a non native speaker (which is not hard to deduce scanning trough my pages) daily practice is really necessary,so writing something little every day could really bust my skills in that area.
  3. Third ,I was always interested in trying everything computer/Internet related so I guess knowing how does WordPress and other blog-stuff work can’t hurt at least
  4. There are few more good reasons which I can’t think of right now..I’ll add them later if they come to mindOK,I’m a little lazy when it comes to concrete jobs,so I’m using an technique I invented to force my self to do various things.Here is what I do often (and right now as I type this letters):
    I set my stop watch for 5 min. interval. Than I start writing and I write only for 5 minutes. If I got bored that’s it.At least I have something small to publish.If I’m OK than I repeat the process.
    This post is written in 15 minutes,and that’s enough I think.

    And final thing,- I’ll just randomly write down keywords related to my software products thorough the posts,so Google could work it out what’s it all about. Of course there isn’t much to say about software metronome and other products but…you know…It’s 21 century,and according to Google you have to have something to say (something means 100+ pages here) about anything…Or…you know,Google will not love you…

    So here are the keywords,you can skip remaining text:

    Software metronome,guitar scales software,guitar chords diagrams,print scales,software drum machine,midi converter…

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